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    CJS Blog Feed

    Flower Power

    Flower Power

    Nothing screams spring quiet like fresh flowers.  So why not draw on some seasonal inspiration and up your nail game with a bouquet inspired mani! But how do you choose?! We've picked our top floral ideas for you to test and try.  

    There's nothing quiet as classic, timeless, or traditional, than roses. Used to represent love and romance, roses are a great accent to any nail art look you're creating. Stick to red for a timeless glam that can't be beat, try black for an edgy elegance or add a skull accent to bring out your inner rock and roller. Take your rose game one step further and use a glitter polish for extra oomph. If you’re feeling extra creative, skip the stamping and create your own roses using a dotting tool. 

    • Follow your usual nail routine and paint your nails a solid colour 
    • Using your dotting tool, make three dots on your nail in a different colour. The dots don’t have to be perfect and you can place them wherever you like. If you find three looks crowded, try doing just two. 
    • Use the fine end of the dotting tool or a thin nail brush and another colour, starting from the middle of the circle working outwards in like you’re drawing the letter C repeatedly. Be sure not to blend too much or you’ll lose your rose effect. 
    • Finish with a top coat and get your chic rose manicure ready for Instagram! 

      Want something a little less conventional? Go for bold and bright with sunflowers. This colourful choice will brighten up even the simplest manicure. Try experimenting with different colours or try stretching your nail art over several nails for a composite design you’re sure to love. 

      Don’t forget the accents! While we love floral nail art, combine it with leaves, swirls, and more to create a completely custom look. Or layer your Clear Jelly Stamper nail art to create flowers as unique as you are! 

      Viva Mexico

      Viva Mexico

      Let’s “taco” about how beautiful Mexico is and the vibrant colours!

      The colors chosen for this look represent how colorful & fun you can be. Walking around Mexico and noticing all the vibrant colors used in their crafts such as blankets, jewelry, sugar skulls, etc were the true inspiration for this look. You are not limited so use your imagination.

      Clear Jelly Stamping plate CJS LC-43 is a Mex-cellent plate to create so many fun, festive looks.

      This look was created by starting with a solid colour as the base. The gel colours used were Fuzion’s Neonz Pink, Neonz Green, Neonz Purple, Neonz Yellow & Neonz Blue paired with CJS nail stamping polishes #8 You are my sunshine, #10 Gotta be blue, #12 Glee Tree Green, #18 I brought beverages, #2 Jenny’s gonna love it, #5 Wild child, #14 Peachy keen jelly bean & #56 Salted caramel.

      Viva Mexico my beauties!! Happy stamping!! 🇲🇽

      Tropical Delight!

      Tropical Delight!

      Visiting the tropics can mean so many different things to so many people. For some it brings relaxation and rejuvenation. For others it rekindles love or sparks a new romance. Staring out into the sea makes people reflect on their lives and reassess what is important. There is something so pure and peaceful sitting and listening to the waves crash against the shore while the palm trees sway with the wind. It brings you back to life again. A few of mother nature’s many beautiful creations. This week’s look was inspired by this!

      Creating this look was fun because there are no limits to the colours you can use. In tropical paradise you are surrounded by vibrancy and stunningly bright colours. The products used in this look are specifically Fuzion “I Like it on Top” UV/LED gels but you can also use your favourite nail polishes. Clear Jelly Stamping polishes are not only great for stamping; they make an excellent base colour as well. When using polishes as a base colour, be sure to allow sufficient drying time before starting your stamping designs. The Fuzion gels used in this design are “Hundred Dollar Bills” “Buzzed On Suds” “Saddle Up” & “Black 101”.

      We could not pick just one plate to use for these designs. We used the hibiscus flower & the palm tree leaves from stamping plate CJS-57. For the sunset silhouette we used the circle for the island and the palm trees from plate CJS-79. The gecko, the turtle and the scorpion also came from plate CJS-79. And, last but not least, the cute little pineapple came from plate CJS LC-22.

      The Clear Jelly Stamping polishes used in this design are #01 More like 1am, #12 Glee tree green, #20 Copper hint, #30 Plum crazy, #31 You had me at chocolate, #37 Caribbean dream & #54 I’m a Barbie girl. Take your time to stop and enjoy the moment my friends. Breathe in every sweet scent of life and really look at the beauty that surrounds you. This world provides so many opportunities to observe its’ brilliance. Happy stamping!!



      Golf season is in full swing!! There’s nothing like taking that first step onto the first tee in the early morning with dew still on the ground. The wonderful smell of freshly cut grass and the cool morning air hitting your face. There’s no better place to be for the avid golfer. So why not sport some Summer nail art on your nails using our Sports Plate CJS-LC91.


       There are so many options with this stamping plate so have fun with it! Whether you’re the golfer or there’s a special someone in your life who loves the game, make a colorful creation that will make people jealous of your cute nail designs.

      To achieve this look, we used the following nail stamping polishes: #1 More Like 1am, #2 Jenny’s Gonna Love It, #9 REDy for Anything, #10 Gotta Be Blue, #11 Dolla Dolla Bill, #19 Miss Maggie Mae & #29 Chloe. You can achieve any of this look using the Big Bling XL Stamper or the Crystal Double Stamper. It’s also nice to have the CJS Sticky Pad to keep your clear Jelly stamper clean in between images.

      The base colours used for this design were Fuzion’s Neonz Green, Coulourz Mint, Pastelz Green and Sparklez Emerald. These require a UV/LED cure. You can also use Clear Jelly Stamping polishes as a base as long as you allow sufficient drying time before stamping.

      Top your designs off with a high shine UV/LED gel or Clear Jelly’s ‘Smear Not’ Top coat.

      The sky is the limit my friends so tee up that stamper and drive it home. Happy Stamping!!